Are you ready for your 8-week Body Project?

Are you ready for your 8-week Body Project?

Are you ready for your 8-week Body Project?Are you ready for your 8-week Body Project?Are you ready for your 8-week Body Project?

About the 8-Week body project

watcH: the 8-week body project

With Lindsay Vastola, creator of The 8-Week Body Project

The 8-Week body project: week-by-week

weekly GROUP education sessionS focuses on pertinent women's health topicS & WEEKLY habitS, Strategi

Week 1: Goal-setting + food & fitness planning

  • Receive your 8-Week Success Toolkit ($149 value)
  • 1:1 body composition/measurements  & personal report ($99 value)
  • Receive your personal fitness plan & schedule

week 2: Avoid the common fitness pitfalls

Get a fresh perspective of fitness and learn how to avoid the most common fitness mistakes that hinder results and increase potential for injury. 

week 3: don't be a victim of your metabolism

Assess the habits that may be impacting your energy, mental clarity, and ability to lose excess body fat.

week 4: cut the sugar roller coaster

Understand the underlying causes of habitual sugar cravings and discuss practical strategies to making more mindful food choices  (while still enjoying your favorite foods!).

week 5: surviving stress, lack of sleep & slip-ups

A critical discussion of the impact of stress on your health and well-being and how to better manage stress triggers, lack of sleep and getting back on track.  

week 6: The x-Factors of fat loss

Demystify fat loss and optimal health by understanding the role of hormones, the possible foods hindering your health (even if they are 'healthy!'),  and other factors that are keeping you from looking & feeling your best. Including the 8-Week Body Project signature demo of 'eat this, not that!'

week 7: strategies to stay on track with your success

Learn strategies for all busy lifestyles how to successfully, plan, prepare and stay on track! 

Week 8: The art of living a non-dieting life

A  powerful discussion on personal purpose and its impact on living a healthy, happy life. 

*Parameters, details, & schedule may be altered as your coach sees fit based on the needs of the group and individual participants.