success stories

"Losing 20 pounds isn’t even the best part!"


"I tried everything from Weight Watchers, to shakes, to fasting and cleansing...only to find short-term results. Of course I thought my issue was simply, “I ate too much 'fat'," never even considering it might have to do with true nutrition or exercise.

I truly owe thanks to this persistent friend who  put an invitation in my mailbox to try Body Project. My gosh, I thought if she cares enough to continue to invite me, I need to be a good friend and give it a shot. Well, that shot changed my life.

The individualized attention, assistance and encouragement when I thought I couldn't do it, and pure fun environment was what I needed to change my life. Now, I am fitter than I was in high school, happier and more confident which has spread to my work, my family, my life!
I finally understand the holistic view on a healthier me, it's not about how I look (although that helps!!), it's about how I feel, how I eat, the choices I make in my life, how I influence others toward a healthy life. I couldn't be happier.

Now, having run multiple 5Ks, completed a triathlon this past summer and starting to train for a 10K, my life has new meaning.

Of course the 20 pounds, loss of over 7 inches and significant drop in my body fat didn't hurt. And I'm not's close...but maybe the best part is having met the best ladies of my life. They are all strong, encouraging, amazing woman who have changed my life inside and out.”
- Nancy

"The first positive experience I've had with 'weight loss' & exercise"

"The accountability and structure are key for me. I would describe the coaches and instructors as such supportive and inspiring women. The first positive experience with "weight loss" and exercise I've ever had."

"I admit I was skeptical"


"I'm overjoyed, amazed, grateful and proud! When you told me to change my workout I'll admit I was skeptical - while I trust you completely I couldn't help but think "what if my body is sooo different and she is so wrong." 

I was worried that I would spend (ok if I'm being really honest - waste) time during this program not "working hard enough" on the physical component. I already told you you were right! 

What I didn't do was set a weight goal - you've taught me that's not what it's all about! I've changed everything I do because of this program - it has been a complete lifestyle change! And here is PART of the outcome: 20 pounds lost and 10 inches!

I can't even remember the last time I weighed less than 175!  You have provided me with the tools to changes from the inside out!  Words can't express how grateful I am for this program!

- Sue

"most of the women were just like me!"

"Most of the women in my group were just like me in age, body issues, nutrition, change of life, family, career, etc. I know this program is open to any age woman, but I see a tremendous benefit to middle age / menopausal / tired, "I hate the way I look" women. Very positive experience!"

"A complete life change!"


"The 8-Week Body Project has forever changed my life! I experienced a complete mind, body and soul transformation! I have changed on so many levels and I cherish the mental and internal changes that have occurred. I now have a positive mindset and my confidence and self-esteem has soared! This allowed me to make vital changes in every area of my life. My physical results still AMAZE me!

In less than 8 months I lost 30lbs, dropped 5 pant sizes from a 14 to a 4. I am smaller now than I was as a 3-sport athlete in high school! My body fat dropped 11% points from 33% to 22% along with losing a several inches."

- Beth

"I thought I knew a lot..."

"Very educational! You think you know a lot, but you really learn so much more. It's good to know that so many other women are in the same boat as you and have the same "issues" as you do! Its definitely very overwhelming and frustrating at first but then somewhere along the 8 weeks, something clicks and it becomes easier to change your eating habits and your workouts."